In Mold Labelling or IML is a unique application, that has found its place within the UV flexo printing market.


Working with the whole supply chain, we have developed a complete ink and coating system to meet the key requirements of voided and solid IML substrates, including:

  • Minimal film weight / high colour strength
  • Zero curl
  • Static balancing for robotic molding lines
  • Exacting COF for automated line application
  • Thermal expansion / contraction solutions
  • Heat stability
  • Product resistance
  • Low odour and low taint

Our extensive range is suitable for both Food Packaging Compliant (FPC) and non-FPC regulated industries to meet any brand owners, retailers and consumer requirements.


An array of coatings that compliment our range are also available to deliver fully customisable finishes.


Paragon Inks Australia’s Flexography product ranges are perfect for blister packaging applications.

For our customers’ convenience, our Resouces & Education tab contains an extensive library of downloadable product guides, catalogues, technical datasheet and mixing guides.

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